New Products

All NEW Steamer Display Cabinet5002-4-16


Prepare for the heavy rush of customers by keeping foods hot and ready to serve with Cozoc’s New Steamer Display Cabinet!

This attractive Steamer Display Cabinet quickly steams precooked refrigerated or frozen specialty foods and holds them at a ready-to-eat temperature!







All NEW Cook and Hold7013hf


This energy efficient, insulated slow cooking oven has a controlled, uniform heat source that maintains close temperature tolerances throughout the cooking  and holding process.

As a result  consistent cooking offers low shrinkage of bulk or  portion -cut protein items that turn out amazingly moist and juicy every time. Compare Cozoc’s to the competition, and you be the judge!







both-coolerAll NEW Counter Top Electronic Cooling and Heating Unit


Cozoc’s revolutionary dual mode counter top cooling and warming unit was specifically designed to meet the customers

needs for a compact unit that can keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold or or do both simultaneously!

Its versatile closed well can hold a variety of pan sizes from 1/3 to 1/6 and even 1/9




hpc7008-ucAll NEW Under Counter Heater / Proofer Cabinet


This 31” tall, energy efficient, space savings, ADA compliant cabinet is ideal when space is a concern. The cabinet provides  the ability to proof a variety of baked goods and allow them to rise before baking. The possibilities are endless with the supplied  Universal as well as Adjustable Rack  System. Compare Cozoc’s to the competition, and you be the judge!