• Full Product Line
    we carry on full line of heater proofer cabinet including non-insulated, insulated, full size, half size, auto fill water, donut proofer,will carry combi heater/proofer/oven later, our goal is provide you one-stop supply particular line now and foodservice equipment line in the future.
  • Customize Design
    Our qualified team can customize products to your precise specifications. Innovation in design and manufacturing assures you a high quality products. Special design & customized products are welcome!

Top Quality

Has the same quality if not better than the big players!

Lower Cost

Lowers cost with added value for your clients!

High Efficiency

High Efficiency products with fewer down times, ease of repair due to simplicity of manufacturing. Plus all digital controls

Great Support

Support Team will work hard to assure your client is up and running quickly!

All NEW Steamer Display Cabinet, All NEW Cook and Hold & More...

Prepare for the heavy rush of customers by keeping foods hot and ready to serve with Cozoc’s New Steamer Display Cabinet! This attractive Steamer Display Cabinet quickly steams precooked refrigerated or frozen specialty foods and holds them at a ready-to-eat temperature!

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Our Pledge

  • Customer Satisfaction

    At Cozoc, we strive to achieve and improve customer satisfaction. Our focus is always on our clients and customers.
  • Design and Developing

    We specialized in developing electronics control system, complete total solutions, parts & units! Contact us for your special needs.
  • Innovation

    Our engineers work hard on constantly improving our product design and quality as well as user experiences.

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